Music in Brussels

Music of all types

Do you enjoy classical music? Then let me take you to the ROYAL MONNAIE THEATRE (BRUXELLES), one of the most coveted lyric "temples" of Europe.

A classic among classics: "Otello", "Parsifal" or "L'Orfeo" are staged among many other famous works. There is classical dance too: Classical concerts, and finally the dense programme of the Brussels Philharmonic Society. Bach, Händel, Debussy (...), all the great composers are honoured, together with less known repertories and music from around the world.

Moreover, unexpected are the festivals that give rhythm to the city all year round. The KLARAFESTIVAL - FLANDERS FESTIVAL BRUSSELS (BRUXELLES) schedules some 300 events well beyond the capital, whereas the FESTIVAL OF WALLONIA (WALLONIE) reveals its innovative character more and more every year.

And then, go and listen to ARS MUSICA (BRUXELLES), the contemporary music festival with its ever so intriguing sound.

The Muses are on the street

Music cannot wait for concert halls. It can be heard everywhere in the streets of Brussels. I will not only talk about the bands and celebrations that regularly take place in parks and on pavements but especially about the syncopated rhythms of Jazz. The evenings in May are swept away by the maddening notes of swing and the blues during the BRUSSELS JAZZ MARATHON (BRUXELLES) and continue on the sound of ethnical music at the COULEUR CAFE FESTIVAL (BRUXELLES).

From the exits of the Underground to the terraces of cafés, through improvised stages outdoors, Brussels swings and fills my soul with a festive mood. Brussels swings and fills my soul with a festive mood. Jazzy Nights!