Wallonia Comics 2009

Wallonia, the homeland of comic strips!

Wallonia comic strip 2009

This year we are honouring the wealth of our comic strip heritage.

This is as it should be since Wallonia is one of the cradles of the Ninth Art.

Comic strips have undergone an incredible development thanks to the variety of subjects tackled, the techniques used, and the audiences targetted. They are one of our best showcases to the world.

Whether seen outdoors, in a museum, in the form of illustrations or original panels, at a music festival, or in a public square, they will bring colour and inspiration to the tourism year which is being devoted to them.

© Atelier Christian de Portzamparc

The new HERGÉ MUSEUM (LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE) is one of the high points of this thematic year. And Natacha, Spirou, Tendre Violette, Achille Talon, Chlorophylle, Gaston Lagaffe, Martine, les Tuniques Bleues, and others will be our ambassadors all year long.

Far from limiting itself to this international event, our region will be emphasising the great diversity of our comic strips and will be presenting many authors with different outlooks.

They have set us an example through their talent, their openness to the world, their diversity, and their creativity.

Comic strips are an art of movement par excellence and cannot be confined to their panels.

They will help you discover the wealth of our beautiful region through an art form deeply rooted in our souls.